An actual effort to bring in a strong & efficiently planned infrastructure to reality has become the most vital need of the hour. In Developing Nations & more so specifically in India, the slow or negligible economic development & billions of monitory losses are faced due to the lack of proper infrastructure. It has been estimated that a monitory loss of billions of rupees are borne over; directly or indirectly, due to bad conditions of roads that are repaired & re-repaired every year, improper transportation facility, congestion, limited power supplies & scarce availability (supply) of natural resources thus hampering every aspect of growth & development.

The very same improperly planned “Infrastructure” has also showcased & defined its effect on the living conditions of people in India. Nearly half (around 46%) of the developers (Builders) surveyed all across India believed that amongst the biggest challenges met by them; as far as their industry is concerned, was the inadequate support of the government with regards to “Infrastructure Development”. Millions of people in India are either homeless or without proper roof over their head. It’s every right of all the citizens of India; including those who are poor, to be able to afford a home. Denied availability of infrastructure made it difficult for the Developers (Builders) to implement projects to their desired standards. Cost effective houses with proper facilities are no more a luxury but a necessity. Based on international experiences, it is apparently clear that the government alone cannot resolve the housing problems. Hence, a mechanism to encourage private participation has become the key requirement.

 The attempt to adopt & utilize globally accepted best practices and technologies that suits Indian environment, to save the cost without compromising on quality, ensuring timely delivery and target of optimal exploitation of resources available will help in darning the thwarted growth that has been hindered due to the weak Infrastructure. Until these problems & conditions are meticulously construed & mended the impeccable growth of India will be just a dream.

As the chairman of Disha Dynamic Buildwell Pvt. Ltd., I aspire to bring in this “Change” that India has been yearning to see. I aim to be a part of these global developments within India, whose success & development would be looked upon & emulated for years to come if premeditated properly. A dedicated journey to transform my experiences & ability to strategically work towards the desired goals for the betterment of the society & nation with impeccable results has started & I am looking forward for all your support & best wishes.

With Regards

Mr. Pravin Savla