An organization is always as good as the team behind it. The team at the helm of Disha Dynamic is, as the name, equally dynamic with diverse experiences and backgrounds. Although not large in numbers, the brains behind the company are in no way small in aspirations, skills and motivation.


Mr. Pravin Savla, Director

Mr Pravin Savla has always been ambitious, with zest to learn & grow to near perfection which made him strive for the best. It is said that “One who knows hunger, can experience the other persons pain too” & this is exactly what he experienced, starting from absolute zero. The brief period of struggle not only helped him to learn the intricacies of a business world but also helped him to remain humble , daring & a person full of values. From a Video Cassette Library to a Stationary Shop to being the Supplier of Plumbing Materials he managed all. Later on with sheer conviction & futuristic vision he became one of the most successful partners in multiple firms whose aspirations & capabilities, made him achieve the unexpected. He dignifies the essential qualities of persistence and positive yet practical approach towards business and rightly justifies his position in the company.

Mr. Nimesh Gala, CEO

Young at heart, matured for business and a connoisseur of “smart work”, Nimesh has what it takes to be the CEO of a company and brings a fresh perspective to the table. Bracing the position of the CEO of Disha Dynamic, he is responsible for handling project operations and execution involving each and every project undertaken at the company. Nimesh holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and a Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License and has worked with Kingfisher Airlines for 6 months. Being a perfectionist that he is, Nimesh doesn’t like to leave any stones unturned and is thus currently pursuing Civil Engineering from IEI, Kolkata.

Ms. Bijal Dharod, COO

Having an academic background of a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Business Administration, Bijal most perfectly fits the bill at Disha Dynamic. Her prior experience happens to be in the finance industry being a Financial Advisor in Karvy Stock Broking for six months and working with the Mutual Funds and Insurance team in Zodiac Broking. Bijal is a steady campaigner, with fast thinking and quick decision making, which made her an obvious choice to fill in the shoes of a COO. A hard worker by nature, she is a perfect example of how to climb the stairs of success, one step at a time.